about the author

Who will want to look posh while reading my blog with a mug of coffee in hand?

For movie lovers.  People who appreciate film of all kinds, from high quality art pieces, to indie flicks, to box office-smashing enjoyable fluff that everyone loves, will (hopefully) be intrigued by my thoughts and opinions.

What kind of cool topics will this movie blog cover?

Quirky dramas, chilling horrors, unique plots of all kinds, and mind bending stories that make you want to hit rewind and do double takes get me motivated to speak my mind and discuss/debate.  This is what’s going to happen; I am going to share my reviews and thoughts on all kinds of movies and trending topics, hoping to reach a few eyes along the way.  I am very interested in hearing about what people want to see and read about and am open to suggestions!!

Who is this blogger?

Hi, I’m Bianca.  I’m a New York native and double majored in Media Study and Communication.  Pop culture, analyzing film, creating art, and riding my bike fill me with happiness.


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