An Introduction:

Hello, my name is Bianca.  New Yorker.  I am a college student and am currently studying Communication and Media Study.  I have always loved movies and my appreciation and fascination for them has grown immensely throughout the years.  I consider myself to be an artist (as I do draw and paint) and a cinematic enthusiast.  Going to the cinema to see a film you’ve been dying to see ever since you laid eyes on the trailer, or even lounging on the couch in pajamas watching a movie that was just released on demand with a bag of chips, excites me.  It’s a way to see art, initiate a heated discussion or debate, become inspired, or just visualize a story.  I find myself frequently looking for reviews and ratings for trending movies.  It’s such an experience to go see a movie with company and later discuss the positives and negatives, twists and turns, and strengths and weaknesses.  So I thought, why can’t I do that online, for other people to see?  I would like to put my reviews and thoughts on here for the enjoyment, inspiration, and curiosity of the public, and myself.  I have a passion for quirky dramas, horror flicks of all kinds, mind-bending plots, and anything unique.  I would like to review movies of all kinds, but hopefully eventually find a niche or genre of movies to write about.  I’m hoping to connect with artists and movie buffs out there, and I’m very excited to launch my ideas!!